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Saving wasted hot water – The Evolve Lady Bug Showerhead Adapter

Posted by diynovice on September 27, 2008

For whatever reason, the Master bathroom shower takes a very long time (>4 minutes) to get any hot water.  That’s a lot of time (and wasted water; it’s on my to-fix list).  Since I have to wait for the hot water, I do other things, which most times take longer than the 4 minutes.  So, to try to reduce the amount of wasted water, I bought the Evolve Lady Bug ($30).  This shower adapter constricts the flow of water to a trickle once the water reaches 95°F.  I still lose the 4 minutes of cold water, but I at least save a few minutes of hot water.

Rating: 4/5

The adapter comes with a pull-chain and teflon tape.  When you want to turn the water back on, just pull on the chain or turn the knob.

Water is now at 95 degrees

I did find the installation a little frustrating.  The wrench flats on the adapter are very small, and while tighting, my wrench slipped a few times, scratching it.  Also, I had to wrap the threads with the teflon tape with 5 wraps (aka I installed and uninstalled the unit 5 times before it stopped leaking).  Otherwise, it is a great device, well worth the $30.



2 Responses to “Saving wasted hot water – The Evolve Lady Bug Showerhead Adapter”

  1. Hayley said

    You wanna put one of those in for us? 🙂 Do they only work for shower heads or for tub faucets too? We have a similar problem, but only for the first showerer of the day.

  2. diynovice said

    They only work on shower heads. Maybe in the future they’ll make one for the tub 🙂

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